Top 10 July Trade Shows

July is far from hitting a lull in the trade show industry. There are big shows up and down the west coast in the cosmetology, fashion and woodworking industries. Chicago is host to one of the most important retail reseller shows of the year as well as a major higher education technology conference. Artists and anyone in the pop culture market should be ready to head to San Diego as pop culture and science fiction icons gear up for their biggest show of the year in July!

How to Order In 3 Easy Steps

You can buy a wide variety of custom printed and easy to set up banner stands, trade show and marketing displays at Post-Up Stand. Setting up banner stands and other custom printed displays should be a breeze and ordering them should be, too. Follow the three steps below that detail our simple and easy ordering process.

Weather Impact of Trade Show Displays and Banner Materials

There are a lot of things to consider and plan for when you are putting together an outdoor trade show booth or marketing exhibit. Weather can play a big role on trade shows and marketing events indoors and outdoors. Everything from shipping to setup could possibly be affected by weather. There are a few things to remember if you are shipping your trade show materials and banners out of town ahead of the show.

10 Exciting June Trade Shows

Who said summer was the slow season for trade shows? Los Angeles and southern California is the place to be if you are a software developer or work in the tech industry, which is why the video game’s biggest event of the year is there again this June. The ever evolving world of e-commerce has a huge conference in June along with two big food shows, medical industry conferences and a one of the biggest trade shows in jewelry in Vegas!