10 Interesting Trade Shows in February 2017


The toy industry gets ready for the 2017 retail buying season soon after Christmas with a big trade show along with the video game world and other technology shows. There’s also an outdoor boat show in February to help warm things up in the middle of winter in the month’s 10 interesting trade shows!

6 Display Valentine’s Day Signage Tips


Now that Christmas and New Years are firmly in the rear view mirror, the next major retail “holiday” is Valentine’s Day. While most stores probably had retail displays set for Valentine’s Day right after Christmas or before the New Year, there’s still plenty of time as a retailer or business to get in on the sales action.

Banner Stands for Travel Agencies


Travel and tourism is a massive industry and beautifully designed banners, signs, and table throws market and present your agency in the best way possible. With so many people using the internet to research travel plans, you need a way to communicate that your agency has the inside track on the best destinations in the U.S. and beyond. Try these ideas for using banners to promote your travel and destination package promotions.

Cruise Line Banners

Banners offer an excellent way to get the word out during cruise-based events. Companies large and small understand the value of conducting meetings, conferences, and workshops onboard a cruise ship. It’s an economical and efficient way to stage events with the cruise lines themselves providing everything that’s needed for a flawless experience. The use of banners is also perfect for private parties and other guests holding celebrations on board. If you want to make a real splash at your next on-cruise event, you won’t go wrong with employing one or more of these banner ideas.

Creating a Super Bowl Banner


Winter and the holidays are here. Depending on your type of business, things have probably slowed down a bit and you’re trying to find a way to drum up some interest and hopefully additional sales. One thing many people look forward to in the winter, even though it’s not held in winter conditions, is the NFL’s Super Bowl. Building some sort of sale or advertisement and tying in your business with the Super Bowl can be a clever advertising method that won’t be too cheesy or get you sued for using the NFL’s trademarked event without permission.