Trade Show Game Ideas


If you’ve struggled to attract as many visitors to your trade show booth as you would like or are maybe looking to try something different, a fun trade show activity or to incorporate games into your trade show booth. Trade show game ideas can run from something cheap and simple to interactive and a little pricier whether you just want to try them out or go all out.

10 Interesting Trade Shows in November 2016


Winter is fast approaching, so now is a good time for car care trade shows, quilt shows and for the amusement park industry. Next-gen technology and cyber security experts also get a respite to Hawaii for their annual conference in this month’s most interesting trade shows.

7 Trade Show Promotion Mistakes to Avoid


Whether it’s through giveaways or marketing, promotional mistakes at trade shows can cost you sales, leads and possibly the strength of your brand. Avoid these trade show giveaways and promotion mistakes to make your exhibiting experience a better one for you and your brand.

Tips for Shipping Your Tradeshow Display


There are many steps to planning out your trade show experience. Between picking out display items, graphics, handouts, staffing and training as well as travel, a lot can get lost in the shuffle. One of the important things on your checklist that shouldn’t be overlooked or left to the last minute is shipping.