Trade Show Trends for 2018

There are a few surefire ways to look inferior to a competitor at a trade show: unimpressive trade show displays and graphics and falling behind current trends. Post-Up Stand can help make sure you have all of these issues covered from trade show displays, to graphic design and by taking a look at some potential trade show trends for 2018.

Top 10 January 2018 Trade Shows

From the beginning to the end of the month, January has plenty of interesting trade shows to kick off the 2018 trade show calendar. From travel agents and experts getting together to bring us all more great vacation packages, the golf industry biggest trade event and home building and remodeling shows, it’s an important month for big industry events across the country.

Top 5 December Trade Shows

December trade shows are a great time for industries looking to promote new additions to their product line or services headed into 2018 right around the holiday season. One of the largest auto shows in the country will unveil 2018 models in Los Angeles, the racing industry has a huge show before racing season kicks into gear and the boating industry has one of their biggest shows of the year to get ready for the next boating season.

10 Interesting November Trade Shows

November falls right in the middle of one of the peaks of trade show season coast-to-coast with interesting shows in the trade show capital of Las Vegas in the health and RV industries, media and technology shows in California and fun shows in Florida in the amusement park and water sports industries!