How to Make Your Company Memorable at Trade Shows

Making sure your company stands out to prospective customers on a crowded trade show floor may seem like an impossible feat at times. From the constant distractions that attendees face to numerous other exhibitors competing for visitors’ attention, how do you make your brand memorable without coming across as too pushy or aggressive? Anita Ginsburg tackles this obstacle in her recent article “What Can You Do to Be the Most Memorable Company at a Trade Show?.” Ginsburg points out that since a high number of attendees at business conventions do possess buying power for their brand, it is important for an exhibitor to leave an impression on an expo audience in order to effectively network with prospective clients and encourage positive brand recognition. To create a professional showcase that your target audience will not soon forget, enact the following tips on how to stand out at busy expos:

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  1. Effective Pre-Show Planning: Every exhibitor knows that the road to a successful trade show experience starts with effective pre-show marketing initiatives. Planning ahead enables you to contact registered attendees in the weeks leading up to the expo. Send out emails or direct mail with your company’s literature and even an offer of a special discount if they stop at our booth. It is also helpful to set up appointments with attendees beforehand if at all possible to guarantee that you will have the opportunity to meet potential clientele at a busy business convention.
  2. Direct, Not Aggressive, Communication: The way in which your employees interact with visitors to your booth can either leave a good or bad impression on prospective buyers. Your staff should be friendly and engaging but should constantly steer clear of being overly-aggressive. Driving your sales pitch too hard on potential clients can be a quick turn off and make visitors feel like you are simply trying to convert them into a sale, or just another number.People_interacting_istock
  3. Emphasize Your Brand: Instead of focusing your promotional materials around trying to sell your products or services, sell your brand instead. Create engaging and interesting content for your booth that really speaks to your target audience. If you focus on your customer and what he or she is looking for, you can direct your exhibit to answering how your company’s products and services can serve your customers and resolve issues they may have. If a client thinks that your brand really cares about his or her own needs and desires, he or she will be more inclined to remember your company and use your products and/or services in the present or near future.Pen_post-up
  4. Swag, Freebies and Giveaways: Everyone loves free items, especially when the items are something that is useful or unique. Add giveaways at your trade show booth to help draw a crowd to your exhibit space and provide something to your audience that is tangible and personalized with your company information. Printed promotional pens, mugs and tote bags are popular choices for convention freebies. Be sure to include a variety of different items so that you have items that pique the interest of a large crowd with varied tastes.
  5. Create a Unique Atmosphere: In order for your company to be memorable to current and prospective clientele at a crowded expo, you must create a unique atmosphere at your booth that clearly represents your brand and makes your business stand apart from other exhibitors. Ginsburg notes that custom signage and banners is only half of the equation to a memorable display space. A marketer should not only showcase the brand’s products and services, but tell the company’s one-of-a-kind history or story as well. Any kind of artistic marketing materials, such as music and videos, can help create a cohesive exhibit space that sets the stage for visitors to have a memorable trade show experience within your eight, ten or twenty foot professional showcase.
  6. Train Your Employees: Even if your booth is filled with eye-catching trade show displays, unique interactive activities and show-stopping freebies, attendees will leave your booth with a negative impression of your brand if your staff isn’t prepared to effectively engage with your audience. Train your staff in the months and weeks leading up to the show with either one-on-one or group training sessions. Ginsburg suggests hiring a professional motivational business speaker in order to really inspire your employees, as well as improve their engagement skills.Multi-Ethnic Group Of People Holding The Word Inspire

Following these six tidbits of advice can help your company really stand out at your next trade show and leave a lasting impression on attendees. For assistance in creating a memorable convention booth, look no further than custom signage, including retractable banner stands and trade show displays, from Post-Up Stand! Our vast inventory of a wide variety of display styles enables us to facilitate a quick turnaround of just 48 business hours following customer proof approval on each custom order. Visit or contact us today to learn how your brand can make a splash in any crowded convention hall with show-stopping printed banners and displays!