Marketing Tips For The Holiday Season To Boost Your Sales

Christmas is the busiest season when it comes to shopping. Big profits can definitely be in your way, but only if you have the right marketing strategy. Every year, billions of dollars are spent over the Christmas period. So how can you make sure your retail business will also enjoy some of this revenue?

santa holding presents
Start with window display. Nothing catches the eye more than a colorful and well-designed display at your store front. Don’t just hang the same old sale sign, this is the time to be creative and grab attention from people passing by. Hang a large banner over your storefront entrance and place one or two retractable banners near the entrance to inform visitors about special offers and deals.

Create a special event for long-time customers. An exclusive invite-only event will make your customers feel special and appreciated. You can close the store for a few hours and hold a special sale for your loyal clients, and even hold a raffle with a desirable prize.

Plan an online campaign. Use social networks to create a buzz about your business and special offers you have for the season. Create a special Christmas brand image and change your Facebook and Twitter backgrounds and profile picture. Use QR codes on your printed brochures, outdoor banners and in-store signs. The QR code will link people to your website or social network for special seasonal deals and offers. This requires your website to be ready for these promotional offers or discount codes, so make sure everything runs smoothly on your website.

Create a kids corner. In this season, most parents take their kids with them for shopping, but we all know that kids get bored pretty fast. Dedicate a small space to a kids’ play area, with a few tables and chairs where they can draw or make collages, or a small movie theater – a rug, a few cushions, cartoons and popcorn – and you’re set. This way, the parents can freely browse around your store, stay longer and spend more.

Consider these tips when creating your marketing strategy for the holidays, and make sure you’ve done everything to bring in more customers.