New Product Feature: Quest Banner Stand

Point-of-Purchase displays are great for drawing attention to any sale item at a retail store or even a small pop up store at a trade show. Ideally for these displays, you’d like them to be lightweight, easy to move, setup and most importantly – you want them to drive sales towards product.

The Quest Banner Sign Stand can serve as a great point-of-purchase or merchandising display for any type of retail store or trade show exhibitor.

How It Works
The Quest Banner Sign Stand works as a point-of-purchase and merchandising display because its 12” shovel base sits below a double sided, custom printed poster. The poster is held up by a telescoping pole that can adjust up to 7”H. The poster hangs from a steel curved rod that sits above the shovel base. Point-of-purchase displays work best when you have the sign or banner as close to eye level as possible to your intended audience and having and telescoping pole that runs to 7”H more than accomplishes that.

The 12” shovel base below the poster allows for displays of product to be stocked right where the poster sits, eliminating any barriers to seeing the message on the sign and getting to the product.

Why It Works
Point-of-purchase displays should be noticeable and accessible without hindering the flow of traffic from customers or creating long lines in areas. While the telescoping pole can sit as high as 7”H, the entire display is lightweight, noticeable yet slim in width. That’s why the Quest works as a point-of-purchase or merchandise display. It’s portable and can be set up in many different places to maximize exposure and hopefully increase sales.

Power aisles: The Quest Banner Stand can be utilized as a power aisle display because it has a double sided power and gives retailers the ability to stock product below the poster without getting in the way of the traffic flow on either side of the aisle.

Near cash registers: This is the most obvious place to put a point-of-purchase display. Most POP displays are smaller products and impulse purchase products because putting anything bigger near a checkout line might take up too much space. The Quest Banner Sign Stand gives retailers the ability to stock potentially larger, higher margin sales items near a checkout register because of the slim design that won’t create issues with lines.

Wholesale retail or grocery stores: The shovel base option makes the Quest a great merchandise display for wholesale type stores. Building up a display on boxes of product and displaying rows of the items on the top layer of boxes sitting right below the sign of the Quest Banner Stand to have a lot of the sale product on hand under to restock the display and also sell the sales item by the case no matter where you set this up.

Trade show booths: At trade shows, the Quest can accomplish the same goals as a retailer. For announcing (and selling, promoting or giving away samples) new products, it gives you a display you can stock all that product at while promoting from inside of outside of your trade show booth without taking up space or necessitating needing an extra banner stand or sign display to promote those products. It’s also a great display for promoting company swag at trade shows as well.

Quest Banner Sign Stand Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, portable merchandise or point-of-purchase display
  • Noticeable yet not bulky or in the way of customer traffic flow
  • Features double-sided custom printed PVC poster
  • PVC poster is 22” x 36” and is custom printed using a UV printing process that creates vivid colors
  • 12” shovel base sits below poster to attract attention to stacks of products sitting below the poster
  • Silver and Matte Black hardware options
  • Easy assembly
  • Great for point-of-purchase displays, retail aisle product displays, promoting new products or swag at trade shows