Table Throws – Essential Marketing Tool

Trade show exhibitors typically spend noticeable time and funds selecting and designing their booth’s backdrops, banners and tabletop displays, but there is another exhibit element they sometimes overlook: table throw. This covering can dress up an otherwise ordinary table at a trade show booth and bring more continuity to the whole exhibit design. A table throw is an additional expense, but it is worth considering for your next trade show, particularly if you will be exhibiting at one with plenty of your industry competitors participating as well.


Adding Character to a Tabletop Display

A table throw is a simple addition to your booth, but it can make a big difference. It can also be a more economical choice over replacing tables that have become scratched or worn out over time. A throw will hide any of these flaws that take away from your trade show booth’s professional impression. Many table throws also come in a variety of colors and screen-printed designs that can be customized to include your company logo.

Designs for an Eye-Grabbing Table Throw

Trade show attendees have a great deal of visual input demanding their attention, and bold colors in a table throw will help draw their eyes to your trade show booth. If you own a business that specializes in visual media – such as a photography studio or video-editing service – you can even have sample still images of your work screen-printed on the fabric of your table throw. This option is an excellent way of letting your potential customers view larger-scale examples of your past work.

Other creative options for a table throw include contrasting colors, with your company logo set off against a darker panel to make it stand out. You can also opt for free-flowing versus fitted table throws along with tabletop runners.

table throw with runner

Recommended Specs for a Table Throw

Table throws for a trade show booth come in several different measurements and styles, namely:

  • Full-length throws
  • Table runners
  • Form-fitting zip-up throws

The average full-size table throw is approximately 64 to 85 inches high and between 128 and 152 inches long. These dimensions are cut to fit most standard size rectangular tables used at trade show booths. If you are using a table with different measurements, you can still find a throw to fit it properly.

One other choice you will need to make about a table throw is whether to use a free-flowing or a fitted table throw. A free-flowing one covers the table much in the same way as a dining room tablecloth, with the fabric hanging loosely on the sides. This type can create a polished and professional impression, but some booth exhibitors find them troublesome. Without a rubber mesh panel under a fabric throw, it can easily slide around and disrupt your tabletop display during the trade show.

A fitted table throw resolves this issue by stretching snugly around the entire table from top to bottom. Many of them are secured in place with a zipper on the back or side of the table throw for easy set-up.

As an exhibitor, you have a range of design and dimension choices for adding a table throw to your booth. Just as with other elements of your display, you can have these table coverings customized with your business’s logo, colors, graphics and even screen-prints of your work samples in some cases. The right design and set-up for your table display will grab attendees’ interest and draw them in to find out more about your company.