Trade Show Accessories for a Winning Display

Exhibiting at a trade show is an exciting and potentially quite profitable venture for you as a business owner. An engaging booth can be a big hit with attendees because many will spread the word to others at the same event about your exhibit. Putting together a successful trade show exhibit takes time and detailed planning to generate a good return on the initial investment. Selecting a backdrop, ordering banners and putting together table top displays are only some initial steps.

Another vital component of your exhibit consists of which accessories you select. These smaller parts of a display are sometimes overlooked, yet they can make all the difference in your customers’ impressions of your business. Savvy presenters put just as much thought into their booth accessories because they realize their customers respond unconsciously to details.

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Advantages of Good Trade Show Accessories

The best trade show accessories strike a delicate balance in your overall booth layout; they add visual interest without appearing cluttered or overdone. Accessories should also create a sense of continuity that ties your overall booth design together. Your chosen colors, banner and poster designs, banner stand metal finishes and interactive booth components all play a role in determining which accessories would look the best with your exhibit.

The right accessories can have an impact on your goal as an exhibitor. Success at each show entails making impressions on many new customers so they will make purchases from your business at some point in the near future.

Ideas for Trade Show Accessories

Professional trade show designers make it their job to stay on top of the latest accessory trends for exhibits, some of which include:

Spoken presentations have become quite common for all types of trade show exhibitors, and this tactic can be an excellent way to interact directly with your core customer base. You may start an impromptu presentation once enough of a crowd gathers at your booth, or you could schedule a series of presentations at regular intervals throughout each day. In either case, you will need an easy visual reference for each of your main points about your products or services. One option is to add a stand for your tablet computer so that you can swipe through each of your presentation slides quickly.

The podium you select can also make a noticeable difference in your trade show display. Adding a wrapped banner to an otherwise basic podium can add a definite professional touch to your presentation. Just as with other kinds of banners, a podium banner can be printed with custom high-quality graphics showcasing your core marketing message.

Display Lighting

led display lightsBooth innovative lights have gained a lot of focus and attention from exhibit designers. Lighting a display can create a professional and welcoming atmosphere for your booth visitors. This step can also help to present your products in the most flattering layout possible. Options for specialty display lights include adjustable banner stand lights, LED backlights for your larger posters or banners and smaller table display lights for your sample products. Both warm and cool-toned lights are available for booth displays, and the best lighting tones for your exhibit are largely tied to your chosen color scheme.

Exhibit Flooring

Adding some specialty flooring to your booth is an extra touch that your visitors will remember. Many of your potential customers have been walking around on the trade show floor for at least a couple of hours, which is not always that comfortable. Adding some portable carpeting to your booth can be a welcome and more comfortable change. It can also create a more elegant atmosphere for your display area. Trade show carpeting often comes in sets of foam-backed squares for quick and easy set-up. You can also find wood flooring panels that are assembled in much the same way.

Trade show accessories are an integral part of your booth design plan for any type of event. You can take interactive displays and presentations to the next level with the right accessories. Visit our website and check out our products: