Trade Shows Are The Perfect Research Tool

On our daily work routine, most businesses have busy schedules and not all of them have the time to make surveys or craft focus groups to test a product or service. But most companies still exhibit at trade shows, and these can give you a great opportunity to listen to potential clients, and get a lot of insights of what they don’t like about a certain product and what they do like about it.

Usually, people are more inclined to talking to exhibitors on the trade show floor, asking questions and share their interests. This will give you great data about them, and you’ll be able to start building a relationship with them in a way that would not be possible anywhere else.

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While exhibiting and talking to people, make sure you focus on quality and NOT on quantity. The quality of the conversations is a lot more important than the amount of people you talk to. Almost always, you’ll get the best insights from those whom you’ve talked a long time with. You can learn about problems or issues with your product that you never knew about, or hear about a certain feature that a lot of clients wish your product had.

The greatest thing about getting to know our potential clients is that we can tailor our sales messages to call their attention. A trade show is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn about our potential customers.

This does not refer to products only. By analyzing what you’ve learned at the trade show, you can craft a new presentation format, come up with a new sales promotion and even decide what type of social media strategy is best for you.