Vinyl Banners – Perfect For Outdoor Events

When preparing an exhibit at a trade show, community event, outdoor fair or any other gathering for promoting your business, banners are the best way to catch people’s attention. A large, bright-colored banner will let everyone know your organization’s vital information at a glance, including your business name, logo and contact information.

Vinyl banners are especially perfect for outdoor summer events, and modern printing processes have lowered the manufacturing costs for these types of banners. The main buying decisions now entail picking the right colors, banner size and material.

In general, vinyl is the most suitable material for outdoor banners, but it can also be perfect for indoor banners if you’re looking for a long lasting advertising option. Vinyl banners are extremely durable and can resist harsh weather conditions – rain, wind and sun. They come in various sizes, and can be hung vertically or horizontally, and can be displayed at any venue by looping rope through the aluminum grommets included on the printed signage.

The printing process of vinyl banners begins when the customer submits a digital print file that is set up according to the size of the desired banner and our unique printing specifications. The submitted file will be returned with a digital proof for the customer to approve, and then, off to printing! The artwork is processed by a computer and then directly transferred to the given substrate to reduce the risk of the inks blotting or smearing. Waterproof solvent inks are used to produce the custom graphic and to protect the banner and print when exposed to outside elements like rain, wind or harsh sunlight. The printers can print up to a maximum of eight feet in width and are supervised by a staff of experienced members of the printing field.

We also offer another type of vinyl banner – the mesh banner. This kind of vinyl banner is also durable and resistant, but it’s also more breezy and attractive. A mesh banner has tiny holes that allow the breeze to pass through, which helps to keep the banner in place, even in windy conditions. These holes also allow light to penetrate, so it can be ideal for window displays because they don’t block natural light from the interior of the building.

When not in use, you can roll the banner to take up minimal space in storage and transportation. To clean the banner, all you need is a wet cloth and a little soap, and then hang the banner and let it dry completely before storing it.

Perfect for festivals, college fairs, grand openings, sports events, business gatherings, expos and trade shows, vinyl banners will attract everyone to your booth or stand. Contact Post-Up Stand today and check out our variety of affordable and user-friendly vinyl banner options!

Check out our vinyl banners video to learn a bit more: