Weather Impact of Trade Show Displays and Banner Materials

There are a lot of things to consider and plan for when you are putting together an outdoor trade show booth or marketing exhibit. Weather can play a big role on trade shows and marketing events indoors and outdoors. Everything from shipping to setup could possibly be affected by weather. There are a few things to remember if you are shipping your trade show materials and banners out of town ahead of the show.

Use proper cases: Shipping displays in the cases they were intended to be stored and shipped in is probably obvious enough. But when weather could be a factor, putting displays in cases they may not be protective enough for whatever you are shipping could cause issues once it’s delivered or set up. Always use the appropriate case to ensure no unintended issues arise with your banners.

Plan ahead: If you are shipping trade show materials or banners ahead of a show of event, weather can affect that as well. Delayed shipping because of weather can affect if your materials make it to the show on time.

Have a Plan B: If possible, having backup replacement banners and hardware for your banners or displays is extremely helpful in cases where weather might be an issue. Extra power cords, batteries and lighting for displays also come in handy if you are exhibiting at an outdoor event if any kind of weather hits.

Weather Impact on Banners and Materials

Different materials are going to react different ways to weather when it comes to outdoor banners and if you have a trade show or event outdoors or are just utilizing outdoor banners, it’s good to know how they will hold up to weather conditions.

Fabric banner material: Displays that use dye sub fabric materials include: Teardrop Banners, Feather Flag Banners, Café Barriers as well as Table Throws. These banners are printed using a dye sublimation printing process. The fabric material is made from resilient polyester material and the ink is printed into the material from the dye sublimation printing process, which gives it UV protection as well as protection from moisture. These materials can be used in most weather mild weather conditions, rain or shine. It’s important to remember to secure the teardrops and feather flags using stakes or water bags in windy conditions.

Solid Vinyl: Post-Up Stand’s vinyl banners are made from durable 13 oz. vinyl and are one of the most weather proof banners you can utilize outdoors at events. Wind, rain and direct sunlight don’t affect the material or printed colors and images. This same vinyl material isn’t just used for hanging banners; it is also is used on durable outdoor banner stands and horizontal banners.

Mesh vinyl: Small perforations appear throughout this 9 oz. vinyl material to give it even more wind resistance than traditional vinyl. They offer the same durable outdoor benefits of solid vinyl banners but with more wind resistance because of the perforations.

Adhesive Vinyl: This poster option is also weather resistant and doesn’t rip or fray. Adhesive vinyl attaches to our A-Frame Banners and Outdoor Cone Poster Stands. They are custom printed,  stick to their poster stand and don’t fade in the sun.

Canopy Fabric: Post-Up Stand’s custom printed canopy tents are made from a polyester material, samba fabric. This canopy material is UV, water and crease resistant. It’s a light weight material and is also used on canopy tent sidewalls. These tents are meant to give you protection from rain or sunlight during outdoor shows and events, and your custom printed images on the canopy are also protected from the same elements. The crease-resistance is also helpful because the canopy stays on the tent when it’s collapsed.

Aluminum signs: Outdoor signs like Yard Signs utilize aluminum posters that are custom printed using a UV printing process. UV printing also protects custom printed images from fading in direct sunlight. This metal signage is also very durable and won’t blow around or bend in the wind.

Corrugated plastic signs: These are also used as yard or lawn signs and are also printing using the UV printing process, giving it the same protection from sunlight as aluminum signs while being obviously lighter in weight with less protection from wind.  These plastic signs can be staked into the ground directly with metal prongs.